We stock and advise on a range of carefully selected, age appropriate play materials and games that promote children’s holistic development.


At the cognitive area we develop logical thinking, visual closure, objects discrimination and vocabulary.


Identifying colours, numbers and shapes is part of mathematics activities as children develop an understanding of quantity, size and shape of objects. Children develop problem solving and manipulation skills.


Role play | Imagination and creativity | Developing social skills | Ability to play with others | Exploring concepts and relationships by acting them out


They learn many things in the science area:

  • They learn labeling, comparing, classifying, weighing and the property of things.

  • They have acquired observation skills and prediction skills. I can tell what’s happening and what’s to happen next.

  • The science area helps them to understand the world around them.


Language is essential for meaningful communication. Through play children develop receptive and expressive language. They also develop vocabulary and understand spoken words.

Gross Motor

Here, large muscles are strengthened. Children also achieve mobility and balance. They develop spatial awareness and sense of direction.

Fine Motor

This involves smaller muscles of the body. Materials here promote creativity, enhance Hand-eye coordination and strengthen finger muscles.

Special Needs

Adaptive toys enable children with disabilities to have experiences they may not otherwise have. There are ways of adapting toys to enable children with disabilities enjoy and interact with toys.


Age appropriate books that develop children’s reading readiness. Some books and stories can be linked to specific toys which give children prior abstract knowledge.

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