TLA-KE’s Toy Library model provides a paradigm shift on play-based early learning practices and how to make play come alive through its scalable and cost effective approach.

Toy Libraries

A toy library is a high impact programme that provides a framework for play and play-based learning, as well as training on how to use games, toys and play sessions to encourage child development, using a collection of cost effective play and educational materials to encourage child development.

All ECD practitioners, especially those working in marginalized and underprivileged communities should be equipped with knowledge of how the toy library concept works to implement play-based early learning programmes. The toy library uses a theme kit that provides a learning strategy consisting of toys, games, books and many other resources. This programme focuses on providing training and resources to families, early learning facilitators (elfs), children and organizations working with children, to achieve their holistic development. Playful parenting is among programmes offered to improve parenting skills.

Early Learning Playgroups

Our programmes provide solutions to gaps in early childhood development, with strategic approaches to the development of children between 0-3 years, 4-5 years and 6-8 years, through a play-based pedagogy. Our structured play sessions are anchored on clear objectives and they are age-appropriate. They develop language, problem solving skills and foster holistic development. Our organized free-flow play sessions are inspired by Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). They provide a richer learning environment for young children and opportunities for experiential learning and exploration. Playful parenting guidelines are also provided.

Capacity Building

TLA-KE supports ECD by sharing best-practice principles with interested individuals, institutions and organizations, equipping them with skills to deliver toy library and quality early learning playgroup programmes. Parents also learn child stimulation techniques.

In order to make toy library and play-based learning more impactful, TLA-KE has designed the following skills-based courses

  • Toy Library Set-up and Administration
  • Play-based Learning with Toys
  • Stimulation (First 1000 Days)
  • Making Toys from Waste Materials
  • Playful Parenting

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