The Toy Library Association of Kenya (TLA-KE) invites you to join our organization as a member. Our world network, exposure and experience on matters play, play-based learning and early childhood development can benefit you and/or your institution through local and international conferences, dissemination of information, sharing of resources and networking.

Who should join?

  • Toy library owners
  • Early learning facilitators
  • Early grade facilitators
  • Teachers
  • Daycare mothers/owner
  • Play advocates
  • ECD practitioners
  • Child minders
  • Domestic workers
  • School directors
  • ECD Entrepreneurs
  • Parents/grandparents/Guardians
  • Playgroup leaders
  • Toy librarians
  • Toy manufacturers/sellers 

Toy Library association of Kenya (TLA-KE) invites you to join our association of toy library organizations, institutions and individuals all over the country. The association actively advocates for, and promotes play, play materials and playful interactions that are essential for optimal educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural development in toy libraries. The association is registered under Kenyan law as a non-governmental organization open to any organization, institution or individual who support what we believe in.

Why become a member?
  • To enrich your personal understanding of toy libraries.

  • To enrich your organization’s play curriculum.

  • To interact with experienced individuals in the toy library and play world.

  • To join a local and global network of toy librarians and play advocates.

  • To attain an understanding of toy library concept as you attend local and international Toy Library conferences, seeing other libraries and cultures around the world. 

Membership Benefits


  • Free access to information on regional and international conferences and calender of events exclusive to members only.
  • Discounted fees on local and international training, seminars and workshops.
  • Discounted consultancy fee.
  • Free newsletters.
  • Free marketing of your toy library on our website.

Membership Application

Ayany Estate, Kibera constituency,
Nairobi, Kenya

  +254 721 279 032